Reduce compressor downtime!

In addition to our off-site repair and machining services, CECO Mechanical Field Services specializes in field machining, helping you reduce compressor downtime. From emergency shutdowns to scheduled maintenance, our crew offers customized in-field solutions such as valve resurfacing, cylinder relining, honing and boring of existing liners, and installation of repaired or new equipment on most reciprocating compressors.

Compressor Valve Seat Resurfacing
Our team is experienced in resurfacing on-site and in-place valve seat gasket surfaces, helping to eliminate scratches and gouges that can prevent proper valve performance. If our crew is unable to reclaim a valve seat due to gasket surface damage, we can install valve seat inserts with the cylinder in place.

Field Relining
Our advanced field boring equipment and operator expertise give us the resources to remove compressor cylinder liners in the field. CECO Mechanical Field Services can perform both slip-fit and shrink-fit installation of new liners. These processes help eliminate the downtime and expense of removing the cylinder for shop installation.

Liner Boring
Utilizing our advanced field boring equipment and experience we can perform field boring of your compressor cylinder liner within a bore resizing project. Our technicians can pair this project with our liner honing service to eliminate machine marks in the bore.

Liner Honing
Our honing services can correct surface inconsistencies in your cylinder on-site with limited downtime. This service will help extend the life of your piston rings and rider bands.