Our crews are supported by CECO’s precision repair centers and engineering department.

CECO is unique in that we are a full-service corporation. Our company employs compressor experts with diverse backgrounds to help with any repair or maintenance project your company may be working on.

Looking for some help in the field? Reduce your downtime and costs by contracting field labor with CECO Mechanical Field Services. We will provide trained technicians as contracted labor to assist your own mechanics with large projects or scheduled maintenance.

We can provide Wire-Line alignment of engine and compressor frames.

Equipment Install
Our crew can provide installation services for new compressor equipment, such as studs, valves, unloaders, actuators, deactivators, and piston and rod assemblies. All equipment is installed and fasteners torqued to OEM specifications.

Repair Centers
CECO’s Precision Repair Centers throughout the country work in conjunction with our mechanical field crews. Our project team works closely with our Precision Repair Centers to keep your job on schedule, with quick turnaround and quality assurance. With CECO you can be sure that both the repair and installation of your parts or equipment is done right the first time.

Cylinder Removal
Compressor cylinder shop repair begins with the proper preparation of the cylinder for transportation. We will remove all internal cylinder components, remove the cylinder from the frame, prepare cylinder for transportation, and protect remaining equipment in anticipation of reinstallation.

Emergency On-site Repairs
Our crews are ready and able for emergency call-outs and unscheduled maintenance. CECO understands that emergencies and accidents happen, and our expert team will work hard to return your compressor to optimum performance. Our crew is qualified in compressor troubleshooting and can get your unit back online as quickly as possible.

Project Planning
Looking to increase compressor efficiency and reliability? Choose CECO Mechanical Field Services and gain the knowledge and expertise of our Precision Repair Centers and Engineering Department. Our team offers project assistance from determining a scope of work, producing custom-engineered parts, and providing quality repair.